The wisest way to finding love!

Is finding love like a project to you?

Do you want to control when and how to find love?

Doesn’t it feel draining?

If you answered YES to the above questions you are no different to me (when I was single) and probably hundreds of other single women.

Finding love was the main project in my life for a long time. I dated like a maniac for years with poor results but I never thought about changing my approach to finding love – until I got to the point of exhaustion and absolute disappointment.

The wisest way to find love

I am the proof that if you push for love it is almost guaranteed you will push it away.

110 online dates under my belt is proof enough.

Only when I hit the wall did I start to ask the right questions and realised that there must be a different way. Most of all I realised I needed to stop pushing as the pushing didn’t get me very far.

I had done my bit. I wanted to create more chances of finding the right man but 110 chances was more than enough to give up.

I chose to surrender to being single. I chose to stop obsessing about finding love.

This was one of the wisest decisions of my life. This decision started my journey within and ultimately led me to my dream relationship.

If you are caught in a vicious circle of disastrous dates and you keep losing hope my advice is STOP.

It’s time to stop controlling the outcome and start trusting the higher power (the divine, God, the Universe – choose the most suitable one for yourself;-).

You are where you are supposed to be – even if you don’t like your current place/situation.

There are some lessons to be had, here and now, which will help you get ready for your next relationship.

Trust the divine timing. If you are not in a relationship you are not in it for a reason. You are not ready to meet the right guy yet. Or maybe he is not ready to meet you yet. He might be still in a relationship with someone or having the time of his life as a single, so he wouldn’t even notice you even if you walked naked in front of him.

Let love come rather than frantically chase it. Let life take you to your next amazing relationship, peacefully and smoothly.

This journey starts from accepting your life the way it is now.

Have faith that the Universe gives you exactly what you need at any given moment; even though you think it should be something else.

Right now you are single because you need to learn something from this experience to evolve and get ready for another.

Nothing gets wasted in the Universe. This experience is important. Being single is a lesson.


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