The only reliable source of love!

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Most people desire it as it makes our life richer, more fulfilled and more meaningful.

We believe love makes us better people, love gives us strength, love makes us happy. That is why we crave it, feel drawn to it and want to experience it.

Love can also be the biggest source of suffering for many – especially the absence of romantic love.

When we don’t have a partner and we don’t receive love from a significant other we often believe our life is incomplete and empty. We see love missing from our life.

Romantic love is not the only source of love. It is not the kind of love you should be relying on because it comes and goes.

Nothing is missing from your life right now. Not even love is missing. Your heart is full of it. You are it. It’s around you and in you all the time. You are the expression of love.

Love is never absent. Love is always present. Your heart is the source of love and as long as it keeps beating love will always be present in your life.

When you believe the love of another is essential in your life to feel happy and fulfilled, you will always suffer if it is not currently present in your life.

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The only reliable source of love is your own heart. And you are the one who needs your love the most, especially when you are single. This is the time when you need to be extra loving and compassionate towards yourself.

Everything derives from this love affair. Clarity, acceptance, love, empathy – they all come from within. First you need to find these for yourself to be able to give them to others.

I know you miss cuddles, connection, intimacy and feeling loved by someone else. These are our basic human needs and we can’t ignore them.

Recognise them and acknowledge them but at the same time don’t let the lack of them make you feel miserable and desperate. Don’t let the absence of them take the beauty of this moment away.

Romantic love will come when you recognise you are the source of love.

By loving yourself dearly you will attract more love to your life. It all starts with you.

For now spend more time within and reconnect with your heart. Embrace fully who you are. Be intimate with yourself. Notice how you can love and receive love even without having a romantic relationship right now.

This connection will bring you more balance and inner peace. Your life will feel more meaningful and filled with love. Desperation for a relationship will dissipate. This will make you a more attractive woman. A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin. A woman who loves her life and stands in her own power. A woman who is in love with her life.

Can you imagine what type of man a woman like that can attract? Can you imagine what kind of love a woman like this can manifest in her life?

Everything transmutes once it has been accepted.

This is the best place to be not only to attract true love but also to enjoy your life as a single person.

First you need to accept being single. Then you need to realise you are full of love and worthy of it. Then you can extend it onto others and attract the most suitable romantic companion.


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