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    Aśka is an inspiring young lady with invaluable knowledge and experience in relationships and helping women feel ready for love. She points you out in the right direction and asks eye-opening questions to help you understand your attitude to relationships and finding the man who would make you feel happy and secure. My consultation with her was truly enjoyable as she made me realise how I could improve my perceptions of love and men. She tailored her advice to my lifestyle and needs and helped me understand what I should do to attract love in my life and most importantly feel ready to take it. I love her approach to helping women first be a ‘happy single’ because as a Holistic Health Coach, I agree with her that we need to first love ourselves before we commit to someone else. Thank you, Aśka for giving me more confidence and understanding of my love life. I strongly recommend her to all ladies who have not yet found a fulfilling relationship and would like to know more about attracting love and feeling confident.

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    Maya PetrovaHolistic Health Coach, London


    Such an enjoyable meetup. I love Aśka’s principle message of self-love. I truly believe in this and it was wonderful to share and strengthen each of the participants and my own self love in a warm, trusting, engaging community. I enjoyed discussing the ways different genders think and how this influences our actions as well as the values of similarities and differences in relationships. A key take home message for me was the importance of both partners having shared values. This, more than love itself, I learnt, can lead to a fulfilling, long lasting healthy happy relationship. Thank you Aśka for a wonderful night and I look forward to sharing & gaining more insights at future meetups with this fantastic group.

    Dr Shobi SreetharanGeneral Practitioner, London

    I attended the workshop for Happy Singles and it was great to share the opinions and discuss different point of views. The workshop was fantastic and I finally realised that being single is not the end of the world! Aśka comforted me and gave me confidence to move forwards and live my life my way without regrets. She inspired me to grow strong as a happy singleton! Aśka is a genuine and very positive person. Attending the group helped me find clarity about my needs and helped me examine my self-limiting beliefs. Aśka is a professional who I admire and respect.

    Gosia MalinowskaTeam Leader, London

    Aśka’s workshop has helped me to look at my single life from a different perspective. I realised there was nothing wrong with me, being 30 and leading a single life. Aśka said many important things and shared examples from her life. This was good as those were not some abstract ideas but things which she lived through and experienced herself. She was open and straight-forward in her communication. I also found it interesting as Aśka named things and mechanisms governing human relationships differently from how I would name them and this very much enriched my perception. I very much recommend Aśka’s workshop. It will help you on your path of developing a more genuine and happier YOU. Aśka, thank you wholeheartedly! I am grateful for what you do and for the Happy Singletons Support Group you have established! I think we all very much need it!

    Ewa SadowskaCharity Director, London

    The session with Aśka helped me to see my life situation clearly and led me to continue work with my self-development smoothly. If you feel like moving forward in your single or relationship life, if you are ready to overcome obstacles and if you are looking forward to take responsibilities for yourself, I strongly recommend coaching with Aśka a reliable coach – you will get clear about what you want for yourself and you will make a move.

    Renata RozenbajgierDancer, London

    The session with Aśka gave me the space to think and reflect about my life as a single…and not to feel ashamed about it. To talk about how it is being single as that is also a part of who I am at the moment. It actually felt ok for me for the first time, that it is ok the way it is at this current moment. Aśka gave me amazing space and understanding field to openly express my emotions and her questions helped me to find my answers. Because it will always be only my own answers which will lead me in my life. Thank you for your gentle guidance…

    Brenda Interpreter, Belfast

    Many thanks for yesterday’s session. I found it very useful as it helped me realise where I’m currently standing with my single life. I actually found more answers to the questions you asked after we were done as well. I liked that it showed me which area I should focus on a little more to move forwards and enrich my life even more.

    AliNew York

    Aśka is a great coach!!! Her workshop and the session made me realise that I need to raise my standards and go for better men in life. Her approach was nice, friendly but also decisive and to the point. It was very easy to trust her. I could open up in front of her and talk about my romantic personal problems without being judged. Coaching has given me the strength and faith that I can do much better in my love life and I have a bigger control over my life than I thought!!!

    Ewa MrzyglodNanny, London

    Aśka’s coaching has focused me, clarified many unclear areas of my life and keeps me inspired. She is clear, direct and keeps me incredibly accountable and focused on my goals between the sessions. She is very professional.

    Gosia GornaTransformational Coach, London

    I can honestly say that my sessions with Aśka have been a life-saver!!! Since my life coaching with her I have transformed my life, got the job of my dreams and I love myself again. I loved how she dug deeper and deeper into my negative reasoning. I feel like she helped me get to know myself again. It was invaluable.

    Pollyanna HutchinsonBeauty Salon owner, London

    As a coach, Aśka finds a great balance between her professional role and natural friendliness. This is what always makes me feel very safe and comfortable during the sessions and I think, makes them even more effective.

    Anika KumarAdmissions Communication Adviser, London

    I have found Aśka to be very supportive and empathetic though she did not hold back in asking me more challenging questions which were very thought-provoking and revealing.

    Chrissie CunninghamAcupuncturist, London

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