Your smile is more powerful than you think!

Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone – Stanley Gordon West

I don’t know how many times in my life I needed to hear the lines: “You have a beautiful smile” or “I love your smile” before I actually heard and understood them!!

For many years I didn’t realise how my smile affected people around me. I didn’t see it as a gift I could share with others. I didn’t see it as a tool which could help me in dating, at interviews and in everyday life interactions. And most of all I didn’t see how my own smiling could help me feel better about myself.

Smiling is powerful and magical, but too often it is taken for granted and goes unnoticed.

Why is smiling so powerful?

For starters, it makes you feel happier and healthier. Smiling reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases production of endorphins, which block pain, boosts your mood and are widely known as “happy hormones”. Even a fake smile has got the same effect on you. So fake it till you make it baby – especially when you feel a bit down!

It makes you feel and look good. You appear as more positive, enthusiastic and attractive to others and people feel drawn to you when you smile. Everyone looks nicer with a big smile on their face!

Your smiling is not just about you. It is contagious. When you smile people smile back at you spontaneously so in a way you make other people feel happy and you contribute to their health. How powerful is this?

What your smile communicates to men?

As you are single I figured you would like to know what a simple smile does to men.

In the dating scenario most of all, your smile makes them feel comfortable with you and it puts men at ease. And you do know men fall in love with women who make them feel good about themselves, right??? So the more you smile the better they feel around you, but there is one condition, in this scenario you don’t fake it! It has to be genuine to work miracles. Don’t even leave your house without a smile on your face when you go on a date. And if you don’t feel upbeat and chirpy that day, do something to change it. Dance, exercise, move your body so the energy shifts and your beautiful smile shows up on your face again and you can gift your date with it.

When you smile you come across as more approachable and friendly. Not to mention that a big, beautiful smile is the sexiest thing you can wear – your own beauty.

Your smile communicates happiness and fulfilment to men. It shows a bright open nature and genuineness (when it is genuine of course :-). All this gives men reassurance and confidence that they can win with you, And additionally when you laugh and smile at his jokes his ego grows!

I should also add that chances are considerably higher that you will get approached by a guy when you smile. You look more inviting and confident. Your smile draws their attention, you are sending ‘I like you’ signal and this way you open the door for them.

What are you waiting for ladies? It is free, makes you and others happy and it has got a magical effect on men so keep on smiling and win them over!!!

And in this short TED talk Ron Gutman is giving lots of scientific proofs about the hidden power of smiling. He even claims smiling is a bigger pleasure inducer than chocolate – OMG!

I hope after reading this blog you will never underestimate the power of your own smile. You have strong ammunition at hand – use it!

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  1. Aska you are right, smile is very powerful. When you smile your body also produces a feel good hormone, oxytocin and there was a research recently done that says, smile helps people recover fast from stress. Keep smiling 🙂

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