Before You Find The One


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Are you frustrated with the dating game?

Are you losing faith in love or finding a good man?

Do you feel like there must be something wrong with you because you can’t find a partner?

This workshop is the answer to your struggles!

I was where you are girl. I completely lost my faith in love and promised myself to never get involved with a man again.

I focused on myself for 2 years and did my inner work. This work enabled me to become the person who was ready to attract the amazing partner I now have.

Now I can help you do the same!

Being single is the best place to start building a strong foundation within yourself to attract your most amazing relationship yet.

We attract who we are, so you need to start the attraction process from within. If you don’t change things internally you will be forever attracting losers and commitment-phobes.

On the day, I will share with you practical tips and techniques which will help you:

  • Feel secure within yourself and radiate confidence
  • Become a happy single woman who is appealing to high-quality men who are ready to commit
  • Increase self-love and esteem so that you can make better romantic choices to avoid unnecessary heartache
  • Have stronger boundaries in place to stop wasting time on the wrong guys
  • Create an amazing relationship with yourself, which will give you a sense of security that no man can give you
  • Stay in charge of your love life – You will get to choose, rather than hope to be chosen.
  • Raise your standards and get to be more selective – This will eliminate all the jerks and commitment-phobes!

I will also do an Online Dating Q&A session! You will get the best tips on how to approach online dating with ease and be more effective with it.

We will complete exercises which will help you see how you dishonoured yourself in the past, so you will know what to avoid in the future.

The day will be packed and you will leave the workshop feeling truly empowered.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who feels secure and happy within herself.

Do your inner work to become happy and secure yourself!

You will share the day and connect with some wonderful single women.

I very much look forward to spending this day with you and helping you get one step closer to your dream relationship!

Address: Light Center, Moorgate, 114 London Wall, London EC2M 5QA

Investment: £69, if you bring a friend your ticket is ONLY £55

Before You Find The One