From Self-Love To True Love


This is a 5-week group programme for single women who are tired of undervaluing themselves and feeling unworthy and want to attract true love by nailing self-love first.

I know what you want my dear,

You want to love and be loved. You want to have a relationship which lasts longer than a few months. A relationship where you feel FREE TO BE YOURSELF and respected for who you are. A relationship with a man who is your best friend, your biggest supporter, your solid rock and a considerate lover.

I know what you want because for many years I wanted the same thing and despite looking REALLY hard, I couldn’t find it.

I wanted to meet a man whom I could have a deep unshakable connection with. I wanted to be able to be me with him without second guessing and walking on eggshells. I wanted to FEEL IMPORTANT in my relationship not just to be one of many options. I wanted my man to feel proud to have me beside him. I wanted his love, his commitment and his support.

I never seemed to be able to attract this kind of love though!

It was a mystery to me how some women managed to do it. I kept asking myself – How do they do it? Where do they find men like that? It felt like this kind of love was unattainable to me.

So, I carried on chasing men, in the hope that I would find THE PERFECT ONE. I craved their love and approval. I was a queen of accommodating, justifying and compromising just to keep the relationships going. I didn’t have much dignity in the love department. I was oozing DESPERATION.

I became a compulsive dater. I was jumping from one relationship to another in hope that the next guy would give me what I needed. I wasted tones of time for relationships with guys who didn’t want to commit, who were looking for something casual and just threw me CRUMBS OF LOVE. Sadly, I picked up every last crumb, it was shameful.

The problem was I didn’t see how valuable I was. I didn’t know I deserved better. I didn’t feel worthy of love.

So, I stopped chasing love. I recognised I needed to do some work, not on getting a man, but ON ME. I needed to get to the place where I knew MY WORTH and was able to promise myself not to settle again.

When I shifted my attention from loving a man to loving myself and I put the self-care work in, the most incredible thing happened…

I actually attracted true love!

I am now with a man who feels proud to have me at his side, who loves me even when I don’t love myself and who is 100% committed to our relationship and family.

Truth is, a guy will only love and value you proportionally to how much you love and value yourself

  • It is lack of self-love which makes you lose yourself in relationships,
  • It is lack of self-love which makes you compromise too much in the name of love,
  • It is lack of self-love which makes you end up with the wrong guys who vanish after a few months.

So, if you are not getting what you want in love there is work to be done. And this course will help you love, value and respect yourself so you step up and go for what you truly deserve in love and life!


As a result of this programme, you will:

  • Stop getting involved in dead-end relationships and waste time for the wrong guys
  • Have the courage to walk away from the relationships which don’t serve you
  • Become more selective in dating which will eliminate all the jerks and time wasters
  • Start attracting high-quality men who want you and are commitment-ready
  • Have strong boundaries in dating and relationships
  • Stop getting hurt and make wiser relationship choices
  • Feel complete, worthy of love and lovable without a man
  • Recognise your own value and stop compromising too much in love
  • Feel empowered and stop losing yourself and your power in relationships
  • Stop trying to be someone else to be liked and please others just to get approval
  • Stop neglecting and abandoning yourself and become priority number one in your life
  • Trust yourself and respect your own feelings more
  • Be more accepting, compassionate and kind with yourself
  • Stop betraying yourself and your values in the name of love
  • Become your first cheerleader and supporter
  • Be in charge of your love life and become the one who gets to choose
  • Feel stronger, more confident and less insecure
  • Become more assertive and have more self-esteem and self-respect
  • Stop chasing men and feel desperate for a relationship
  • Put yourself first, so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life


What Do You Get?

  • 5 weeks of expert guidance and support
  • Private FB Group – the sisterhood of amazing women you can share your journey with
  • 15 audio lessons + exercises – released every other day in the FB Group
  • 5 FB lives so you can ask your questions and get live coaching from me
  • Daily journaling prompts to expand your awareness
  • A few fun tasks to raise your energy and push you out of your comfort zone



What Does The Programme Cover?

1. What is self-love and what it is not

2. The difference between self-love and self-care and why self-care is not enough

3. Self-love assessment so you know what needs your focus

4. I am not good enough myth debunked

5. Morning and evening self-love routine

6. How to stop comparing yourself to others

7. Seeing your own value

8. The power of vulnerability

9. The power of self-commitment

10. The power of self-compassion

11. The importance of knowing your values and what they are

12. Healthy boundaries and standards

13. How to trust your feelings and your intuition

14. Heaps of self-love exercises which you can implement as you go


Does this sound familiar?

You meet a guy. He is absolutely AWESOME. You connect like you’ve known each other for ages. He treats you like a true princess. He takes care of you. You have lots of fun together. He compliments you, showers you with his attention and makes you FEEL AMAZING. The chemistry is there. The sex is mind-blowing. He is hot as hell! You just can’t believe how you got SO LUCKY! He is attentive, witty, generous, sexy, intelligent… He ticks off all of the boxes! Things are going so well that you need to pinch yourself to remind yourself that it is actually happening for real. You are trying to fight the feelings, but you can’t stop yourself from FALLING FOR HIM. You actually feel, after all these years of being single and trying to find love, that your dreams have finally come true…you think he might be The One. In your head, you start to fantasies about your wedding, having children together and you’re trying the new surname for fun…and BOOM, he disappears! HE STOPS calling and texting you. You can’t get hold of him. You have no clue what’s happened to him and what you’ve done wrong. And you feel so bloody disappointed because this time round you thought you got it right. You feel like a TOTAL FAILURE and you are devastated. You are heartbroken and humiliated AGAIN. It’s not the first time you’ve been ghosted.





romantic couple in love

Just Imagine…

Experiencing the kind of love where your partner loves you for who you are, completely, with your quirks, flaws and imperfections.

HE IS FULLY COMMITTED. He loves being with you. He doesn’t give you one reason to doubt his feelings for you. You just know in your whole body that he is the right guy.

Just imagine being with a man that you don’t need to pretend around or accommodate. Being in a relationship in which you can SPEAK YOUR TRUTH and be understood. A relationship in which you don’t lose yourself, you express yourself freely and set YOUR OWN BOUNDARIES.

Imagine a relationship in which you feel powerful, secure and DEEPLY LOVED and respected.

A relationship in which he takes responsibility for his half of the relationship and wants to work on it, so you grow, stay strong and become an AMAZING TEAM.

I can absolutely guarantee you that after this course you won’t settle for anything less than this.


How much is true love worth?

This course will transform your relationship with yourself and as a result how you show up in your relationships with others and in your whole life. IT is worth well over £997.

But, I’m really excited to offer this life-changing course to you at the price of £597.

Next time I’ll run this course in 2019. Let me know if you want to hear from me when I open the door to this programme and grab the SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER which will be only available for 48hrs. Email me on



What My Clients Say!

  • I’ve got so much to tell you. You are great! Since doing the Dating Detox I’ve enquired about several different dancing classes I’m joining in the new year. A world cinema film club I’ll join. I’ve joined a dating website which is stepping out of my comfort zone. I asked a bloke at work to go to the pub for lunch with me and we did. I’m making my flat sexier for when I meet a guy.

    ClaireInterpreter, London, UK

    I’d been dating on and off for about a year when I joined Aska’s ‘Romancing Yourself’ challenge; if you can’t love yourself first… how are you going to be able to really love someone else? It was a warm and welcoming group, with questions and exercises that really made me think. The initial ‘Letting Go’ exercise was profound for me. Clearly, it shifted something in my energy…. the day after the course finished I had a first date with the most amazing man who is everything that I have been looking for, and we’re blissfully happy together. Aska is just so good at asking the right questions and creating a supportive community of women journeying to self-love. Aska, you are awesome and you have worked your magic! Thank you!

    AprilManaging Director, Surrey, UK

    Before I met Aska, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the dating tips and suggestions to make a guy “fall for me”. I decided to look for a dating coach for guidance on what I should be doing to have a more successful dating life. Aska helped me to see that other than doing more to get the guy, I needed to do less and let go of a lot of the bad advice I had accumulated over the years. She was great at seeing through all the beliefs I had about dating, men, or myself that weren’t serving me. During our sessions, Aska was encouraging and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’d say I walked away from my experience with Aska with more confidence, more love and respect for myself, more clarity for what I want in a relationship, and am able to connect more easily with men. I’ve been having a blast dating! It’s fun and easy rather than a chore. I’m excited to get out there and have fun! Thanks to help me get to this awesome place Aska!

    LorinPhysician, Utah, USA

    read more ♥


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course About Self-Care?

Yes, to some degree but not what you have heard before. We won’t be focusing on having more bubble baths, regular trips to your hairdressers or getting monthly massages. True Self-Love is more complex than that, and we are going to dive deep!

What Is True Self-Love Then?

True Self-love is about:

  • Choosing yourself
  • Prioritising yourself
  • Being there for yourself when life gets tough
  • Being authentic
  • Being true to yourself
  • Being vulnerable
  • Having healthy boundaries
  • Respecting yourself and your values
  • Honouring yourself and your needs

What Change Will I See In My Life?

You will have more dignity and pride. You will respect and value yourself more. You will become a woman who stands in her own power, finally feels WORTHY and makes empowered romantic choices. A woman who is respected by men, ready to be loved and absolutely determined to wait for the right guy and NEVER SETTLE.

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is specifically designed for single women who:

  • Are fed up with constantly attracting jerks, emotionally unavailable men or narcissists
  • Have been ghosted and have been left heartbroken and humiliated as a result
  • Have experienced enough shit in love and now want to get ready for true love and attract a commitment-ready guy
  • Want to respect themselves more and feel more secure within
  • Want to stop losing themselves in relationships and stand in their own unique power
  • Are sick and tired of using “tactics” to attract or get a man to love them
  • Are exhausted with putting everyone else first, over giving, people pleasing and want to set strong boundaries to honour their own needs
  • Want to improve their self-esteem and discover their true worth


Who Is It Not For?

This programme is definitely not for women who:
• Just want a quick dating strategy to find love
• Are not so keen on doing the deep inner work which will create permanent shifts within them
• Always have lots of excuses
• Are not willing to invest in themselves and want to do it all by themselves
• Are not into personal development

Why Work With Me?

Because I have been through it all. I was lost like you. I kept being ghosted and getting hurt in love on regular basis. I kept falling for the wrong guys. My relationships never lasted for longer than a year. I didn’t see my own value and as a result, I would hang on to anybody who gave me a bit of attention and affection.

One day I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. That was the day when I CLAIMED MY WORTH and I can help you do the same. I did the inner work to become the woman who I needed to be to attract my dream man and now I am with him.

I can also save you lots of heartache and speed up the process of finding love. I know how to guide you to yourself and to your romantic happiness with the most compatible man.

I cut through the BS. My courses don’t focus on dating strategies or dating rules because I go to the core of the problem. You need to love yourself fully and find your self-worth to be able to find amazing love. Not another seduction technique or dating trick.

How Much Time Will I Need To Do The Work?

This programme will require some dedication. There is no transformation without work! You will need approximately 45-60 mins every other day to do the work. If you don’t have that much time during the week you can easily catch up on the exercises on the weekend because the tasks on the weekend will be less demanding. But I do recommend doing the work on the day when it’s released so you are up to date and can interact with the group!

It’s A Big Investment For Me. Is It Really Worth The Price?

What price can you put on finding love and finally settling down with someone who truly loves and respects you? Tough call, heh! I know that the value and benefits you will receive from this course is worth much more than I charge. As this is a brand-new course the price is relatively low. With each round, I will be adding additional content and thus raising the price. So, right now really is the best time to sign up. There is also a payment plan available.


I’m really excited to offer this life-changing course to you at the SUPER EARLY BIRD price of £597.


Next time I’ll run this course in 2019. Let me know if you want to hear from me when I open the door to this programme and grab the SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER which will be only available for 48hrs. Email me on

It’s time for you to find your true love. He is waiting for you, but he can’t even see you until you nail self-love and feel worthy of him first.

If you have any questions about the programme feel free to email me at