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If you hit the wall in your love search and the idea of going on another date makes you sick in your stomach, there is only one thing you can do – HAVE A BREAK.

It’s time to re-evaluate your approach to men, dating, and love. If you carry on you will be just attracting more losers and disappointments. You will sabotage your dating and finding love. You need to reconnect with yourself and stand in your power first if you want to attract better men and find true love. And this programme will help you do that. Here is what we will be focusing on.


Say Bye-Bye to Your Past

We will begin our work together by letting go of the past. When you are stuck in your past or hold on to past hurts, you are not really available for love.

This part of the programme is all about:

  • Resolving the baggage from the past so that you are able to open your heart again
  • Forgiving your exes, learning the lessons and moving on with your life
  • Releasing love defence mechanisms, so you will become more available for your dream man
  • Making space for new love to come in and to attract the right kind of man with ease


Find Your Happy

Here we will focus on helping you become a happier version of yourself. You can create a life you love living before you find your man. You will find it easier to attract the right type of man if you are happy within yourself and live your life to the full.

Together we will discover how you can:

  • Appreciate your single status, so you become happier with yourself and your life
  • Stop being desperate for a relationship and automatically become more attractive to high-quality men
  • Radiate more joy and positivity which will help you come across as more approachable and comfortable in your own skin
  • Create more passion and purpose in your life so you enjoy it more while you are single


Find Your Centre

The relationship you have with yourself should be the most important one in your life. Any other relationship is merely an extension of your relationship with yourself. If this one is not healthy and happy, it will affect your future relationship and jeopardise your love life.

During this session you will:

  • Develop a solid relationship with yourself, which will be your foundation in dating and in your future relationship
  • Create a strong connection with yourself, which will give you a sense of security that no man can give you
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Feel less insecure and more empowered


Love Yourself Daily, Dearly and Devotedly

This is the most crucial step in the process of getting ready for true love. If you feel unlovable and unworthy of love, you will be attracting guys who are not emotionally available, not ready for commitment or serious about you. This will just create more frustration and hopelessness.

A healthy dose of self-love will help you:

  • Value yourself more so you make better romantic choices and stop wasting time on unsuitable guys
  • Set stronger boundaries which will protect you from unnecessary heartache
  • Stop looking for approval and trying to impress guys to make them like you
  • Attract quality guys by being simply your authentic, amazing self
  • Stay in charge of the dating game – you will get to choose, rather than hope to be chosen


Know Your Own Value

You are beautiful, unique and worthy of love. For a man to see you this way, you need to first realise your own self-worth. It’s all about becoming a woman who values herself and shows up in dating with confidence and grace.

When you know your own value you:

  • Raise your standards and get to be more selective
  • Stop justifying and accommodating men – you will know there are plenty of fish in the sea
  • Have better dating results, more fun and a better chance of finding your dream man
  • Make better romantic choices – no more men who are being indecisive, immature or just looking for fun
  • Have the right mindset to wait for the right man because you know you deserve the best


Dissolve Your Blocks

Finding true love is an inside job! You must identify the obstacles within you which subconsciously prevent you from attracting your dream man. This part of the coaching programme is about exploring what keeps you stuck in being single and how you can stop sabotaging your love life.

We will work on:

  • Identifying the old programming which keeps you from finding the man of your dreams
  • Looking into your fears and self-limiting beliefs – dissolve them once and for all!
  • Creating more space for love to come into your life
  • Removing the barriers which stand in the way of you creating the most romantic, loving and yummy relationship yet


Getting Clear

Being crystal clear is essential as this will serve as your compass in your dating. It is all about igniting your inner fire, knowing what you want and unashamedly going for it. I want you to feel empowered and feel that you can have any man, as you deserve.

Clarity on who you want to find and how you want to feel in your next relationship will help you:

  • Navigate through online profiles (if you choose to do online dating), first dates and even further down the line in your dream relationship
  • Develop a rock-hard approach to finding love – no compromises!
  • Draw in just the right type of man who will spoil you rotten and give you everything you want!
  • Define who you need to become to attract the perfect man for you
  • Be more assertive! You will find it easier to say no to men who don’t seem to want what you want. You will know that every ‘no’ is getting you one step closer to your amazing relationship.

After doing this work you will never be the same woman. And because of the internal changes you have gone through you will never end up with men who are similar to your exes. You will realise that you are a great catch and that you deserve the best! The man you will choose to be with will be a lucky man!

What My Clients Say!

  • I am so grateful to have met Aśka two years ago, her life philosophy literally changed my life. I was after a very painful breakup, miserable and desperate to jump into another relationship as I couldn´t have imagined being on my own, it was the scariest thought for me at the time. I kept meeting only emotionally unavailable men which led to one disappointment after another. After several sessions with Aśka and a workshop she organised for women in a similar situation, I understood that happiness lies within me and that I needed to work on myself first before creating an amazing relationship. I realised I had been needy rather than independent in my previous relationships, that I had been running away from my internal issues and fears rather than facing them, that I had expected a man “to save me“. With Aśka´s guidance, I have stepped out on a self-discovery and self-love journey that completely transformed my life. I have started being genuine to myself and following my heart. I left my corporate job to set up a business which I had always dreamed of. I bought my own flat, started travelling and meeting new people. Circle of my friends has increased and I feel loved and supported. Two years later, I am still single but absolutely content and happy with my life. I go on dates with a completely different attitude than two years ago. I feel strong inside and I have recognised my worth. I am not desperately searching for a man to complete me; I just enjoy the experience and have fun. When Mr. Right walks into my life one day, it will be just a bonus to my already fulfilling life.

    Emilia GelEntrepreneur, London

    I tried pretty much everything (online dating, even very expensive dating agencies – which I think were just for the very wealthy, didn’t feel totally right for me either). Anyway, I persevered and did get help from a few dating coaches. I had help with my dating profile from Aśka. I definitely did the inner work too, that Aśka talks about.
    Aśka was wonderful at helping me get clear on who I was, and then be more ok with it all. It was a really refreshing and uplifting experience having coaching with her. I felt so much more confident about myself after the coaching sessions we did. I would highly recommend her.
    And eventually, after four years, I’ve met someone who has been great for me. It is definitely worth the wait, but I totally understand now how difficult the process can be – feels very unfair at times… My advice would be: get help from the experts, use every avenue out there, work on yourself (you need to be looking and feeling your best!) and eventually the right person will turn up. Wishing you luck!’

    Sarah ThompsonPsychologist, London

Who is this course for?

  • You have been single for a while and you are not entirely thrilled about it
  • You have done lots of dating and you are absolutely fed up with it and with meeting men you have nothing in common with
  • You keep attracting unavailable men, commitment-phobes, men who are not after a serious relationship
  • You have a history of short relationships and you want to create something lasting and meaningful
  • You are losing faith in love and in finding your dream man
  • You want to dissolve your old patterns and stop getting hurt and attracting the wrong type of guys
  • You are motivated to do some work on yourself and see different results in your love life
  • You want to learn how to love and value yourself so you attract high-quality men

What are the main outcomes of the work you will do during this programme?

  • Feeling more empowered and in charge of your love life
  • Attracting better matches, men who are of high quality and want to build a serious relationship
  • You will never get involved with another time waster or someone similar to your ex
  • Knowing your deal breakers and making better romantic choices
  • Less heartache and more love in your life
  • Stronger boundaries in dating and relationships which will protect you from getting hurt
  • Becoming more confident and happier hence more attractive to high-quality men
  • Feeling worthy of love and aiming higher in the dating game
  • You will stop making the same mistakes in love and break your patterns
  • You will dare to pick better dates even the ones who were once out of your league

There is also a BONUS!

ONE extra 60 min session during which I will teach you all about Authentic Dating! The only way to deeply and authentically connect with your dates, attract the right guys who will love you for who you are by simply standing in your truth.


The investment is £3000. Payment plans available.


If this sounds like something you need right now please schedule a session with me to find out more. I would be very happy to connect with you and see how I can help you turn your love life around.


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