Dating Detox Experience

stop the soul-destroying dating


This is a 6-week group coaching experience that will give you the tools you need to step into your power and finally feel worthy of love.

Only then will you shine bright enough for your BIG LOVE to find you.

Hey Beautiful,

I see you there, working hard at this dating game but getting nowhere fast. I know it’s frustrating when all you seem to attract are jerks and commitment-phobes who just waste your time. I know it makes you feel unworthy when you do find one who seems to have potential but he disappears on you.

Constantly checking Tinder is no way to live a fulfilled life. It is draining and with every swipe your heart sinks a little deeper into despair. Is anyone actually looking for love anyway or just the next quick shag?

You tell yourself every Saturday night that if you have to go on one more numbing, mindless, boring date that leads nowhere you are giving it all up; succumbing to a life of cats and loneliness.

Maybe you have already given up.

In your dark moments, you wonder what you’re doing wrong. Maybe your expectations are too high or maybe you don’t have what it takes to attract the right guy. Other women seem to have men falling at their feet so what is wrong with you?

Deep inside you know you are worth more than the crumbs of love you keep getting. Well, my dear, I know how you feel because I have gone through the exact same process. It’s heart-breaking.

Not so long ago, after a decade of dating my own jerks and commitment-phobes (110 of them to be exact) I decided ‘no more’! I was so exhausted with it that the idea of going on another date made me sick in the stomach. I knew I deserved more in love than I was attracting. I just didn’t know how to change it.

So I took a break. I focused on the relationship with myself. I did the inner work on self-love, feeling happier as a single and finding my own worth. I revaluated my dating and the relationship mistakes. I become friends with solitude which helped me dissolve my desperation. I created a life I loved living. I fell in love with my single status and I decided to never settle for anything less than I truly deserved and desired.

3 months after I had completed my dating detox I met the love of my life without making much effort. Today I am in a happy and healthy relationship with my BIG LOVE. I feel important, loved and supported daily. We now have our 2 year old boy which I consider a miracle given my track record in love.

In this group coaching experience, I will share with you the tools, wisdom and insights that you need to become the woman who is ready to attract the BIG LOVE she deserves.

These tools will help you show up differently in dating and attract the right guy but also build your amazing relationship and keep it happy once you have met him.

Are you ready to stop being played?
Are you ready to carve your own path to love?
Are you ready to step up?
Let me help you…

What Do You Get?

6 weeks of expert guidance and support

Private FB Group – the sisterhood of amazing women you can share your journey with

18 audio lessons + exercises – released 3 times per week in the FB Group

6 FB lives so you can ask your questions and get live coaching from me

• Daily journaling prompts to expand your awareness

A few fun tasks to raise your energy and push you out of your comfort zone



What Does The Programme Cover?

1. Releasing shame and stigma of being single

2. Becoming happy without a man in your life which is the first step towards creating a happy romantic relationship

3. Creating an awesome relationship with yourself to feel more secure within

4. Transmuting your desperation into desire so you become more irresistible to men

5. Increasing self-love so you stop looking for validation on the outside

6. Tapping into your worthiness and recognising your value

7. Setting powerful boundaries in dating and love to protect yourself from getting hurt

8. Feeling more confident, secure and worthy of love

9. Who you need to become to attract the love of your life effortlessly

10. Stepping into your power and unleashing high-quality woman within

11. Dating authentically and how to be effective at online dating

12. Recognising red flags in dating


Just Imagine…

  • You feel happier as a single and less desperate for a relationship which will make you more irresistible  to the right kind of guys if you choose to date again
  • You have stopped obsessing about finding a relationship and are enjoying your life more right now
  • You have stopped being so needy and waiting for a man to make you happy
  • You are attracting high-quality guys who are serious about dating with your high and positive energy
  • You have stepped into your confidence and now aim higher in your dating game
  • You have become more successful at dating and have more fun
  • You love and respect yourself more so you get the same back from men you date
  • You feel worthy of love and have stopped compromising
  • You have an awesome relationship with yourself and feel more secure
  • You have set your boundaries and non-negotiables – and you stick to them
  • You are ready to attract the right kind of guy who is ready to commit and love you just the way you are
  • You are ready for that BIG LOVE!


How much should this cost?

It hasn’t been easy to price this Experience. I am sharing life-changing tools and techniques that have changed my own life and my clients’. What price can you put on love?

After calculating my time, expertise and the benefits, I considered setting the cost at £997. Quite honestly though, I wasn’t comfortable with this price, I just want as many women as possible to be able to feel worthy again and find that BIG LOVE like I did.

So this incredible Experience is available right now, for £597.

The time has come to make a big decision; are you ready to invest in your BIG LOVE?



What My Clients Say!

  • It’s so sad that this program is ending. This has been an amazing journey. Before I decided to join the programme, my biggest question was: what new can she tell me?? I can definitely confirm that this course was 100% worth it and my questions were answered in many ways. At the beginning of the course I didn’t even believe that I could feel comfortable about being single but things have changed and I definitely feel more comfortable about being single now! This course is finishing but my single woman’s journey has just begun. I know that I have to work on my self-worth as when I feel worthy I know I’m not going to have a problem with communicating my strong boundaries and my needs. I won’t let any guy put me down or make me feel not worthy of his love again. From now on, I am the one who makes the rules in my life. New high-quality woman has just been born and my work on myself won’t stop here.  This course definitely made a massive impact not just on my love life but my life in general and on the relationship with myself. After these few weeks, I already feel stronger and more confident and I know that I can set up strong boundaries to stop allowing people to hurt me. Once I had a vision of my future self. I had an amazing guy next to me but I felt so great about myself that I didn’t worry about him leaving me but if he did I wouldn’t cry about it as I felt whole. I had myself and I didn’t need anyone to make me happy. For the first tie, I feel that I can become that person from the future. Thank you Aska very much for all the hard work.


    The programme was very helpful for me. It gave me a new direction to follow. As a result of the inner work I’ve done on this programme, along with some other tools I use, I can feel myself changed. I don’t even know how it’s happened but I feel different. I feel more balanced. Most of the time I feel happy for no apparent reason. I feel at peace with my single life but it’s about time something good happens to me in love.


    Really glad I signed up for the course. It’s been an eye opener and really insightful. Since doing the Dating Detox I’ve enquired about several different dancing classes I’m joining in the new year. A world cinema film club I’ll join. I’ve joined a dating website which is stepping out of my comfort zone. I asked a bloke at work to go to the pub for lunch with me and we did. I’m making my flat sexier for when I meet a guy. You are great!


    Deep appreciation to you Aska. I loved every bit of the program and found everything so useful – the audios, the exercises, the journaling questions, the live calls. Just by being in this group, I didn’t feel so alone on this journey of embracing being single. I had a major breakthrough. I realised that I actually tie my self-worth to my boyfriends making me feel important. My worthiness and my value were dependent on external sources. I depended on external sources (i.e. in form of boyfriends) to validate my worthiness. It’s so liberating and freeing to finally see this in this angle! Thank you so much, Aska for the program! Lots of love.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Experience For?

  • The women who are tired of dating and need a little break from it to focus on themselves and revaluate their mistakes to learn from them.
  • The women who know they deserve much more in love and will do whatever it takes to get it.
  • The women who are ready to do the inner work which is necessary to create different results in their love life.
  • The women who are done with dating average guys and want to experience more in love.
  • The women who are committed to their personal-development and are ready to invest in themselves.

Who Is It Not For?

  • The women who don’t feel like doing the inner work.
  • The women who are after a few dating tips to turn their love life around quick.
  • The women who always have lots of excuses.
  •  The women waiting for a miracle.
  • The women who blame men or the dating game itself.
  • The women who are okay with experiencing more pain in dating and their relationships.

What This Experience Is Not?

This is not a ‘find your soulmate in 30 days’ type of course. I don’t believe you can put a timeline to finding love. I believe you can speed up the process by doing the inner work and get ready for love while you are single. No coach can control the process of finding love so I don’t promise impossible.

What I can promise you is that you will feel more in control of your dating and in charge of your love life. In your next relationship, you will feel more loved, fulfilled and happier than in past relationships because thanks to this course you will choose your next partner more carefully without desperation leading you into the arms of the wrong guy.

How Is This Programme Different From The Other Dating Courses?

This is not a dating course, so we won’t be focusing entirely on dating advice. I don’t believe the dating tips can create shift in your love life on their own. That’s why during this programme we are going deeper to remove the inner obstacles to love. Packed with a decade of my own experience, this intensive programme is about YOU. It will help you strengthen your sense of self, identify the gaps to take responsibility for and change the way you feel about yourself.

Even though the dating won’t be our focus you will change your approach to it and you will become more intentional and successful at it! I will happily share my dating knowledge with you and answer your questions at any point of the programme.

Unlike other programs you will need to do some serious inner work and dig deep but when you complete it you will know it was worthwhile because you’ll be a new woman!

How Much Time Will I Need To Do The Work?

You will need approximately 30-60 minutes every other day to do the work. If you don’t have that much time during the week you can easily catch up on the exercises on the weekend because the tasks on the weekend will be less demanding and one day will be free of work. But I do recommend doing the work on the day when it’s released so you are up to date and can interact with the group!

It’s A Big Investment For Me. Is It Really Worth The Price?

How much money will you be willing to spend on something which can potentially help you find the love of your life? A man you can settle with and create a family with? In my opinion, it’s worth much more than what I charge but I wanted to make it affordable. There is also a payment plan available.


What Will The Results Be?

• You will never again invest yourself in a relationship that doesn’t meet your needs

• You will stop making the same mistakes in dating and love

• You will be able to recognise the red flags and avoid unnecessary heartache

• You will keep yourself grounded while dating and never lose yourself in a relationship again

• You will discover your unhealthy patterns which sabotage your love life and replace them

• You will create the most amazing relationship with a guy you can deeply connect to

The Next Round Starts in Spring 2019



Let me show you how to stop the soul-destroying endless dating game and get ready for BIG LOVE!


If you have any questions about the programme feel free to email me at