Dating Detox Experience

10 week programme for smart and successful single women who want to stop compromising, step up and attract what they truly desire in love.

Hello Gorgeous,

I want to invite you on a journey to the bigger, bolder and braver version of you.

The VERSION of yourself who feels empowered, knows what she wants in love and doesn’t compromise herself to get it.

The VERSION of yourself who dates with purpose, doesn’t fear rejection and unapologetically goes for what she deserves in love.

The VERSION of yourself who makes empowered romantic choices, knows her non-negotiables and sticks to her standards.

The VERSION of yourself who will easily attract the most compatible partner with her powerful and magnetic energy.

I want you to stop feeling powerless in love. I want you to stop feeling like you are not enough, that there is something wrong with you, you are left on the shelf. I want you to stop believing that the true, meaningful, lasting love is out of your reach.

Enough of that nonsense.

It’s time to stop playing small and recreating the same drama.

It’s time to stop bullshitting yourself and take charge of your love life.


Finding true love will require some stepping up.

If you could find love by remaining where you are you’d have done it long time ago.

Your compromising on yourself, accommodating men, low standards, weak boundaries, and overall being a nice girl, hasn’t helped you find your BIG LOVE.

And thank god for that! Because to attract true love, life requires more of you!

Even your future man wants you to step up! He is waiting for you but can’t find you until you become the woman you need to be. In fact, the high-value woman you have always been within!

It will require putting the big girl’s pants on and doing the inner work.

It will require making different choices and decisions, sometimes uncomfortable ones.

It will require strengthening your boundaries and saying no more often.

It will require raising your bar and following your true desires.

It will require taking responsibility and being honest with yourself.

IT WILL REQUIRE A RADICALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH as the current one is not working since you are still single.

I am not in my amazing relationship with 2 beautiful kids today because I chose to stay the same!

After dating every possible loser for a decade, getting my heart broken numerous times and being ghosted on regular basis I decided enough was enough. At the back of my head I heard this tiny little voice: You deserve better! Deep in my wounded heart I knew how I wanted to be loved by a man. Even though I’d never experienced it before. My soul was screaming loud – there must be another way!

I found my way to true love. And today I can help you find yours!

Have you experienced enough pain in love?
Have you dated enough men who can’t give you what you want?
Do you know you deserve better but have no clue how to find it?
Most importantly, have you realised that something needs to change?

If yes, this programme is for you. During the 10 weeks you will be given tools to claim your power back. You will step into the most powerful version of yourself so you hold magnetic energy, strong boundaries and high standards in dating.

As a result of joining this programme you will:

  1. Feel happier and free of desperation which makes you 100 times more attractive than all these needy women out there
  2. Be free of constantly feeling like there is something wrong with you and be at peace with your relationship status
  3. Develop the most important relationship, the one with yourself, so you have stronger sense of self and you never lose yourself in a relationship again
  4. Stop settling for second best and give yourself the permission to go for what you truly deserve and desire in love
  5. Feel secure within and complete without a man so you stop looking for a rescuer and avoid forming co-dependent relationships
  6. Start trusting yourself to make more aligned romantic choices in order to attract the most compatible relationship that lasts
  7. Stop wasting time on the wrong guys and dead-end relationships with emotionally unavailable men
  8. Feel worthy of love so you stop accommodating and justifying men
  9. Raise your standards and aim higher in dating so you attract commitment-ready men
  10. Recognise the red flags early enough and avoid investing yourself too quickly and getting hurt again

What Do You Get?

  • 10 audio lessons + exercises released weekly in the FB Group
  • 10 weekly FB live sessions so you  can get all your questions answered and get live coaching from me
  • 10 weeks of expert guidance and support from me in the FB group
  • Private FB Group to share your journey with a sisterhood of amazing women
  • Journaling prompts to expand your awareness
  • Spontaneous FB lives to address any specific issues that come up in the group
  • A few fun tasks to raise your energy and push you out of your comfort zone


What Does The Programme Cover?

  1. Learn From Your Past – uncover and dissolve your unhealthy love patterns that make you attract the same jerks and keep repeating the same mistakes in love.
  2. Thrive As A Single – as long as you want to escape being single you will be ending up in the same toxic relationships, compromising in love and lowering your standards.
  3. Create An Awesome Relationship with Yourself – Your romantic relationship is the extension of the relationship you have with yourself and can be only as good and happy as the connection you have with yourself.
  4. Take Responsibility For Your Happiness – there is nothing more attractive than a woman who lives on purpose, has fire in her belly and loves her life (and herself!) fiercely.
  5. Recognise Your Value – when you know what your value is and what you bring to the relationship, you can show up more confidently and expect the same in return from the guys you are dating.
  6. Become The Woman He Dreams About – it’s one thing to know what kind of relationship you want to attract and a completely different thing to become the person you need to be to attract it.
  7. Love Yourself – this is an absolute game-changer if you want to start aiming higher in the dating game and make meeting your dream guy possible.
  8. Set Powerful Boundaries – so you can eliminate the flakes, time wasters and men who disappear on you. Start attracting high-quality guys who are ready to spoil you, love you and respect you for who you are.
  9. Tap Into Your Worthiness – if you don’t feel worthy of love, you will always be compromising and settling in love. This, like nothing else, will keep you away from finding the right kind of love.
  10. Unleash the High-Quality Woman Within – unleashing the high-quality woman is simply about stepping into the best version of yourself and having the right mindset. Once you have let her out and shine your light, you will be magnetic to high-quality guys.

What is the investment?

I priced this programme at £997. Given how much value and support I am gonna give you and all the profound changes it will create in your love life I believe it’s easily worth £1997.

The time has come to make a big decision; are you ready to invest in yourself and change the course of your LOVE LIFE?

SIGN UP today and start this EMPOWERING JOURNEY!

If you have questions schedule a session with me HERE. 

B O N U S Recognise The Red Flags audio – learn to read the common warning signs in dating so you avoid the frustration and never get hurt again!

This Programme is for women who are done with struggling in love and are absolutely serious and certain that they want to transform their love life NOW!

What My Clients Say!

  • I have been in a very loving and committed relationship for nearly a year now and I would never have arrived here without following Aska’s advice. But actually, the fact that I’m with someone at all is beside the point. I was so happily single before we met. Whatever happens in life, I’m a far stronger, whole, more independent and loving woman after I started to find what I was looking for within myself rather than in a relationship. Aska has really lived what she talks about. It works. She has a calm, authoritative and deeply kind presence that has given me a huge amount of support as well as some real solace in times of despair. And it’s not as if it’s a practice that will ever stop, whatever my relationship status happens to be. I recommend Aska 100%!

    JessAuthor, Oxfordshire

    I really, really love your program. Love the exercises. I am so glad I invested in your online program. This is the best program I’ve come across. It made me think deeply and explore my blind spots. You are straight to the point and it just really resonates with me and gets to the core. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have a gift Aska of really helping women finding love within themselves. Honestly, though I think you are the best coach out there for women. You’ve changed my life! So I am truly grateful.

    AnnAccountant, US

    You have no idea how much you have helped me. I had an unreal breakthrough at work and with life. I am so amazed at how much I have changed in so little time. Life is crazy these days but I haven’t been happier. I haven’t been so much at peace with myself and it is wonderful.

    SallieNurse, US

I know that…

You are done with mediocre relationships and you know, deep in your heart, that you deserve BIG, DEEP and LASTING LOVE with a guy who will be absolutely crazy about you!

You are done with compromising and wasting your time on the wrong guys in hope that they’ll change one day and give you what you want.

You are done with making painful mistakes in love and investing time in the wrong relationships.


You’ll become a new woman who is perfectly equipped to make more empowered romantic choices, avoid emotional pain (you don’t need more of that, do you?) and open yourself up for a possibility of attracting the right kind of guy – who will give you what you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Programme For?

  • The women who are tired of dating and need a little break from it to focus on themselves and revaluate their mistakes to learn from them.
  • The women who know they deserve much more in love and will do whatever it takes to get it.
  • The women who are ready to do the inner work which is necessary to create different results in their love life.
  • The women who are done with dating average guys and want to experience more in love.
  • The women who are committed to their personal development and are ready to invest in themselves.

Who Is It Not For?

  • The women who don’t feel like doing the inner work.
  • The women who are after a few dating tips to turn their love life around quick.
  • The women who always have lots of excuses.
  • The women waiting for a miracle.
  • The women who blame men or the dating game itself.
  • The women who are okay with experiencing more pain in dating and their relationships.

What This Programme Is Not?

This is not a ‘find your soulmate in 30 days’ type of course. I don’t believe you can put a timeline to finding love. I believe you can speed up the process by doing the inner work and get ready for love while you are single. No coach can control the process of finding love so I don’t promise impossible.

What I can promise you is that you will feel more in control of your dating and in charge of your love life. In your next relationship, you will feel more loved, fulfilled and happier than in past relationships because thanks to this course you will choose your next partner more carefully without desperation leading you into the arms of the wrong guy.

How Is This Programme Different From The Other Dating Courses?

This is not a dating course, so we won’t be focusing entirely on dating advice. I don’t believe the dating tips can create shift in your love life on their own. That’s why during this programme we are going deeper to remove the inner obstacles to love. Packed with a decade of my own experience, this intensive programme is about YOU. It will help you strengthen your sense of self, identify the gaps to take responsibility for and change the way you feel about yourself.

Even though the dating won’t be our focus you will change your approach to it and you will become more intentional and successful at it! I will happily share my dating knowledge with you and answer your questions at any point of the programme.

Unlike other programs, you will need to do some serious inner work and dig deep but when you complete it you will know it was worthwhile because you’ll be a new woman!

It’s A Big Investment For Me. Is It Really Worth The Price?

How much money will you be willing to spend on something which can potentially help you find the love of your life? A man you can settle with and create a family with? In my opinion, it’s worth much more than what I charge but I wanted to make it affordable. There is also a payment plan available.

What Will Change For Your After This Programme?

  • You’ll become the high-vibe woman who is attractive from the inside out – because it’s all about your energy and how you feel about yourself rather than the make-up, dresses or your size
  • You’ll stop settling and compromising in love – this will save you lots of time in dating and help you attract more suitable guys
  • You’ll show up powerfully in dating, knowing your value, feeling awesome and irresistible to the high-quality guys
  • You’ll have healthy boundaries in place to make sure your needs and wants are always met
  • You’ll develop a rock-hard approach to finding love that will help you stay the course until you attract the man who will spoil you rotten, give you everything you want and love you unconditionally for who you are!

No more compromises! No more begging for love. No more settling just for crumbs of love.

BECAUSE YOU know you deserve the BEST and this time round you’re going to go FOR IT without doubting and hesitation.

It’s time to take your power back and claim it like it’s yours!


We’re starting on 7th October and we are going to spend 10 weeks together turning your love life around.


Are you ready to invest in yourself and transform your LOVE LIFE?


If you have questions schedule a session with me HERE. 


Recognise The Red Flags audio – learn to read the common warning signs in dating so you avoid the frustration and never get hurt again!

Step up in love, become the best version of yourself and magnetise the right kind of guy with your powerful energy. 

If you have any questions about the programme feel free to email me at