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  • I believe every client of mine needs something different

    Depending on where you are at the moment, what you struggle with and what your current needs are, we can choose the most appropriate way of working together.

    My services range from high-level masterminds and coaching programmes to self-study courses. The more personalized attention and guidance you get from me the more transformation you create in your love life.

    To determine which programme is most suitable for you, check all the options below. Once you’ve found the most suitable service for yourself you will need to schedule a session with me.

    I am picky with my clients. I want to make sure that the women who invest money in themselves to work with me are the women who will do the work, show up and commit to making some serious changes in their love life.


Here you can find everything that I offer at the moment:


  • GRFL Mastermind

  • GRFL Group Coaching

  • GRFL Circle


  • GRFL Self-Study Courses

Romancing Yourself Challenge

  • Romancing Yourself

  • 7 day self-love journey for smart and successful single women who want to learn to love an value themselves more.

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