One thing which has transformed my love life

After years of dating, chasing relationships with the determination of a bull and trying too hard to find The One, I stopped fixing my love life.

With 110 online dates behind me, dozens of dating sites and hundreds of interactions with potential dates online still hadn’t brought me my dream man.

1 thing which has transformed my love life

I was so blind and desperate to find love on the outside, that I was slowly destroying myself on the inside.

Life kind of forced me to open my eyes. I felt like I had given my all and that there was nothing left in me.


I woke up one day after another boring and uninspiring date and I felt completely empty.

I could barely recall that I had been on a date the night before. I couldn’t even remember the guy’s name. The whole experience just felt like a waste of time and it wasn’t the first time I had felt this way. That was the point at which I needed to be honest with myself.

Ten years of trying and getting nowhere. I mean I had had different relationships but they were nowhere close to what I really wanted.

For the first time, I started to ask myself some important questions which provoked some insightful answers.

It soon became obvious that a break from dating would be the wisest choice.

I needed to stop doing what I had so far been doing in order to produce different results. I needed to reset my mind, question my motives and re-evaluate my expectations. I needed to stop fixing my love life.

I went on a spontaneous dating detox.

The idea felt real and brought immediate relief and I went with it without hesitation.

There was no plan or agenda. I just felt a big desire to stop dating and to even stop thinking about it.

I wanted to be free from the desire to find my man, from chasing love, from building up my hopes, from being disappointed, from trying so hard, from getting hurt.

I deleted my online profiles. I closed my all dating website accounts. I decided to have time out. It felt good.

Romancing Yourself

I created space for me. This space gave me access to some deeper truths and personal breakthroughs. This space gave me an opportunity to reconnect with myself and to find my centre. This space brought relief, peace, and self-acceptance.

For the first time in my life, I felt whole and okay being single. I felt acceptance for my life just the way it was.

My dating detox was a spiritual journey within. It transformed me and my approach to romantic love and to life.

I felt free of the compulsive desire to be with someone to feel validated, loved, supported and looked after.

At the end of my two year detox, I felt empowered and strong as a single woman.

Dating detox was the best thing I could have done to turn my love life around.

Now I am in a happy relationship because I was happy and complete before I found my man who was also happy in himself.

I know this drastic solution might scare a few women off but I believe a dating detox can serve every single woman.

It helps you clear your mind of crap, limiting beliefs, misconceptions about love and unhealthy expectations.

It helps you find out who you are, what you want, what your value is and that your true power is within – and not without.

It helps you get ready for true love.

Every search for love should start with a dating detox to ensure romantic happiness.

On a dating detox, you will find you. When you know who you are, you will then be able to attract your best match and to create a healthy, loving and lasting relationship.

If you want to learn the tools which helped me become a happy single woman who attracted her dream man join my DATING DETOX EXPERIENCE.

Romancing Yourself


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