My life’s mantras

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Never beat yourself up for past wrong decisions as you made them with your level of awareness at the time
  • Mistakes are only lessons so we need to make them in order to learn
  • Going with the flow means accepting what life brings
  • Always trust the Universe – it always looks after you!
  • The only way through life is to go with what comes
  • Life is about living – not about being comfortable
  • Life knows better than you do

Books which have influenced my life

  • A New Earth

    A New Earth: Create a better Life, Eckhart Tolle check here

    7 myths

    The 7 Myths About Love Actually, Mike Georgebuy here


    Before I AM: The Direct Recognition of Truth, Mooji buy here

  • The Power of Now

    The Power of Now, Eckhart Tollebuy here

    Don't get mad

    Don’t Get Mad, Get Wise, Mike Georgebuy here

    Boundless love

    Boundless Love, Miranda Macpherson (Holden)buy here

  • resiting your soul

    Resisiting Your Soul, Nick Williamsbuy here

    I need your love

    I Need Your Love – Is Taht True?, Byron Katiebuy here

    soul without shame

    Soul without Shame, Byron Brownbuy here

  • tha art of

    The Art of Effortless Living, Ingrid Baccibuy here

    loving what is

    Loving What Is, Byron Katiebuy here


    Reinventing the Body, resurecting the Soul, Deepak Choprabuy here