How to spot a quality Man!

Through my dating career I have met and chatted to many men. Some were decent, some were immature, some were amazing and others forgettable.

When I was younger, I didn’t know what to expect from men. As my self-worth was very low, I too often accepted too little believing that was all I could get.

I kept making excuses for men who under-delivered, as I didn’t want to look like a demanding bitch.

I ignored my intuition. I settled for less. I compromised my needs. I put up with very poor treatment just because I didn’t believe I deserved any better.

I got fed up so I took a break from dating and started to work on my self-worth and self-love.

a quality manThis of course helped me recognise that I had a lot to offer and that I should also demand it back. This was a game changer.

Through my journey as a single woman and serial dater, I have learned first-hand what qualities a quality man has and what a man who is truly in love is capable of.

Now my mission is to help single women who still aim too low in their dating game to get better results.

Far too many single ladies still don’t know how to protect themselves in dating and prevent themselves from falling for unsuitable men.

Ladies, you have more power than you think. You are in charge of your love life so it will help if you to implement some strict rules.

So here are a few tips how to spot a quality man!

He is mature and responsible

He is able to take care of himself and his life. He doesn’t need a mummy. He can handle life. He can handle stress. He can handle problems in a constructive way. He doesn’t get overwhelmed too easily by life’s difficulties. He makes sure he has got time for you in his busy life. And if he gets temporarily caught up in life, he will let you know what is happening. Don’t let him get away with too many excuses though. If he has got lots of excuses, he is not the man you want.

He is ready for a relationship

He is not into playing mind games. He is available and he is looking for a relationship and not just for fun. That also means his past is in the past. All previous relationships and romantic commitments are resolved.

He is curious about you

He asks questions. He genuinely wants to get to know you. He is interested in your life, your family, your work. He also pays attention to your answers and remembers what you told him.

He is honest

If you are not his type he will let you go and you should be grateful for that. He won’t waste your time because he doesn’t want to waste his either. If he is into you he will let you know by his actions. He won’t keep you hanging with no communication. He won’t keep you guessing. If he likes you he will act fast. He will be present in your life. He will want to spend time with you, get to know you, experience life with you.

He has integrity

His words match his actions. He is consistent. When he promises he delivers. A quality man follows through on what he tells you. When he can’t, he’ll communicate with you and won’t leave you guessing. He stays true to his word and to himself. He is able to say sorry and admit he is wrong when he makes a mistake. He is also emotionally intelligent and a strong communicator.

He won’t push for sex

Even if he fancies you a lot he knows how to control himself and how to be a gentleman. He knows you are the prize and that sex can wait for whenever you are ready. He respects your wish to wait and won’t make you feel guilty about it. He wants to get to know you first. Sex is not his priority. He wants you to feel safe with him.

He is self-assured

He knows himself and likes himself. He has got his own opinions and boundaries and doesn’t break them without a good reason. He stands his ground when he needs to. He has firm boundaries and respects himself. He is confident but not in an arrogant way. He knows his value. He doesn’t look for validation. He is happy and secure within himself.

If you keep your eyes open and make your romantic choices more carefully, you will protect yourself from men who don’t have genuine intentions or can’t give you what you want.

When you are more assertive and have stronger boundaries around dating, you will also start attracting different men into your life: Men who will respect you, men who are transparent and men who are serious about relationships.

And never, never ignore your intuition. When you have doubts you are with the wrong man.

Be firm, be assertive, aim higher in your dating game.



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