Do you want to be more attractive to men?

There are so many stereotypes and assumptions at play when you are looking for love. The most common one is that men are visual and that’s why they go for beautiful women. But how do you define beauty? Is it just your make up, hair and perfect figure? Or perhaps it is your smile, your inner radiance and zest for life?

Of course there are some men who pay a lot of attention to external beauty. And there are women who put lots of effort into looking good on the outside. And all is well if this feels right to you and you want to be with a man who appreciates your looks more than your brain.

I have always believed that mature and genuine men can see more than just the exterior. Beauty is more than skin deep. These men are choosier when it comes to love. They know that external beauty fades and inner beauty is what it takes to have a lasting and loving relationship.

girl2 pixabay.comI have tried changing me so I could attract more guys. I believed that to be more attractive I needed to be slimmer, wear dresses more often and to wear more make up. I did it because I thought it was something I needed to do, not because I had a desire to do it. Obviously with this attitude, it didn’t work. No amount of make-up, new dresses and workouts got me a man. In the end, it felt like I was betraying myself.

You don’t need to make the same mistakes. Here are a few tips from my experience on what to do to attract true love:

1. Stay true to yourself

It’s hard work to be someone else. To be the best version of yourself, you just need to be the real you. It requires self-love though. When you truly love and respect yourself, you will know that you are enough just the way you are. You don’t need to be someone else to impress and attract men. You just need to realise that you are valuable and worthy of love. When you know and feel this, you will have the courage to be you without shame, guilt and insecurities. Only then you will be able to date authentically and with integrity. Only then you will be able to attract guys who are able to see more than your physical beauty. Only then you will open yourself up for a possibility of finding true love.

2. Change for you, not for others

As I am a bit of a rebel, it didn’t take me long to realise that changing myself for others wasn’t going to work. I wanted to be free to be me in a relationship and changing things to impress men felt like being in a little prison. I decided to change things for me instead. Tighter jeans as I love jeans. A nice lipstick which made me feel sexier. I even started to experiment with high heels. It felt much better when I started to do these things for myself. Suddenly these changes stopped being about finding a man. They started to be about me feeling better about myself. And this obviously resulted in me feeling more comfortable and confident in life.

3. Work on your inner beauty

I personally don’t believe that looking good on the outside can guarantee you an awesome man. You can be all glam and sexy and still feel insecure and unworthy of love. Emotionally intelligent men will pick up on this easily. That is why I believe your inner beauty needs your attention too. When you remove your fears, self-limiting beliefs, unloving thoughts from your life, you will become more attractive on the outside. When you resolve all the internal obstacles to love, you raise your chances of finding your dream man. It is all about becoming happy on the inside and radiating your inner beauty on the outside.

Hope some of the tips will make you feel better about yourself. You are more than enough just the way you are. You just need to start loving who you are.


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