3 rules which helped me find love and now help me run my business!

After years of looking for true love – and the recent months of trying to establish my Get Ready For Love coaching business – I have realised that these two areas are equally challenging.

Finding love and setting up a business can take a lot of time and hard work. It can provoke a lot of uncomfortable emotions, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy.

In the love department, I tried almost everything to find romantic happiness. It was a fabulous – although sometimes painful – journey within.

In business, I am still learning and trying different things but it has been another invaluable journey which has helped me grow as a person.

During my search for love I learned from my mistakes and applied three very helpful rules which helped me succeed in finding my dream man.

Now I apply these same rules to building my business and they keep me on track and help me carry on when I seriously start to doubt the whole idea.

Rule No 1 – Self-LoveMan Hand writing Lessons Learned with br on visual screen.

Self-love is the first step towards a loving relationship. If you can’t love yourself, then why would anyone else?

Just as in your love life, in business you need to love yourself first before your followers can fall in love with you. You need to stand in your power and have unshakeable faith in who you are and what you have to offer.

This rule is very much linked to your self-worth and self-belief, which is essential when you embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

When you love yourself, you recognise your own value. When you recognise your own value you then see the value you offer your followers. You can then believe in your message and share it confidently. You then price your services/products accordingly without feeling guilty.

Also self-love is crucial when times are hard. It is needed the most when you start beating yourself up for your lack of progress or not getting results. Sometimes you will feel like giving up. It’s part of the journey. Self-love will help you get through any crisis.

Rule No 2 – Healthy Boundaries

This rule is essential if you want to create an amazing business and attract amazing clients.

In my search for love I said ‘no’ to the majority of men. At times I thought I was being too picky but now I know I was right.

If you know what you want you only should say ‘yes’ to things which will take you closer to achieving your desired outcome. Anything else is a waste of time.

So in your business you need to say, ‘no’ to: flaky clients, free coaching, people who use your time/expertise for free without an intention to hire you, business engagements which don’t make you grow or bring you money, undercharging.

You also need to stop being desperate. Neither in love nor business does desperation draw people closer to you. It actually repels them. So make sure you are always grounded and detached from the outcome before making any sales calls or pitches.

You want clients to be coming to you because they really need what you offer and you can really transform their lives in some way, not because you desperately need their money to pay your bills.

Rule No 3 – Be Authentic

For years I tried different approaches to attracting love and to finding The One.

I spent 10 years dating online and mastering my dating skills which didn’t get me my dream man.

I only found my perfect partner when I stopped doing anything I wasn’t.

I stopped trying to impress. I stopped trying to be more attractive. I stopped trying to flirt.

It all shifted for me when I started to love myself and gave myself permission to be free to be me. Suddenly I started to be more relaxed and playful. When I dropped my expectations of what a great date should be, men felt more drawn to me.

Like in dating, being authentic in business will help you shine and draw clients to you!

Be careful with marketing advice do’s and don’t’s. I have tried them all and struggled far too much. Only when I started to share my authentic message and to be open with my personal story did I start to connect with my audience and inspire them.

Instead share your authentic story with the world. Share your message. Inspire from the heart. Be vulnerable. These will all help you connect with your audience on a much deeper level.

Ladies, love yourself daily, be authentic and have strong boundaries and in no time your business will start to flourish.



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