• Ready For Love?

    Let’s start your journey towards your dream relationship with some questions….

    Do you yearn for (even if only secretly!) an amazing relationship with an extraordinary man? The kind of man you’ve probably stopped believing in after having your heart broken a few times?

    Do you believe all the good men are taken and the ones who are left are uninspiring jerks?

    Do you feel lonely and dream about having this unbreakable connection with someone special? Someone you can talk to till dawn, rely on, get support from, share your ups and downs, go dancing, have great sex, cook, cuddle, cycle and perhaps have kids with?

    I am pretty certain that you do want it, even if it is too painful for you to admit, or you have become too cynical to care.

    I am a woman who has been on a journey of having 110 online dates, 7 years of singledom and 1 dating detox, which finally led me to the amazing relationship I now have!

    I lived through all the possible shades of single life… loneliness, desperation, compulsive dating, self-loathing, obsessing about a lack of partner, insecurities, being pissed off with the whole thing, dating frustrations: ring any bells? Ah yes, I’m no stranger to whatever you might be experiencing on your single journey.

    I am here to help you reboot your faith in love and get you on the path of finding the man of your dreams.

    I will support you while you are single to become a happy, high-value woman with enough self-love and self-esteem to land a dream man and create your ideal relationship.

    Whether you have given up on love, stopped believing it can really happen, or have vowed not to get into another dead-end romance, I will turn it around for you.

    Yes, it IS possible, even though it may sound like a fairytale to you right now.