Stop Sabotaging Your Romantic Happiness!

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So the sun is finally shining and for many of us our thoughts turn to romantic fantasies in the sun. Long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners in far flung places. And of course the loving affection of our own tanned man.

But in truth, how often have we found ourselves in relationships that resemble this fantasy? If we do manage to get him off the sofa or away from his games console, we are still left feeling we are putting in all the effort for a little or no reward.

Well, what if I tell you that you might be part to blame for ending up in relationships with men who don’t absolutely adore you and aren’t 100% committed to making you happy and loving you.

If we are truly honest with ourselves we have all done it. Dated a guy that we hoped would get better, be more dynamic and romantic. Stayed in a relationship because it was safe, no fun but at least you were not single.

We often sabotage our future happiness before we are even in the relationship. Letting our judgement be swayed by those feelings of loneliness. Thinking the right man will make us happy and take our life to a new level. Then when things stay the same or fail to deliver, we either accept second best or move on again in hope of finding someone better.

During this month’s meet up we will explore those feelings that can potentially sabotage your romantic future and choices. The aim here is to be aware and see how not giving in to these feelings can help bring the fantasy man for real.

We will discuss:
– 8 wrong reasons for starting a relationship
– 1 thing you might be doing which takes your power away
– 3 things that might be setting you up to fail in relationships
– What you can do NOW to attract a man who will love you absolutely

I will share my own slip ups and long journey to my Mr. Right, along with a number of insights that I am sure will give you food for thought.

Book your ticket now. Believe me these are great nights and we always come away feeling good.

How it will run:
6:30 – 7.00 – Get to know everyone
7.00 – 8.15 – Talk + Exercise
8.15 – 8.45 – Group chat and questions on the topic

Date & Time: 27 August 2015, 6.30pm till 9.00pm

Address: The Duke and Duchess, 2/3 Creed Lane, EC4V 5BR London – We are meeting downstairs in the function room!

Investment: £8 (on the day £20).

Get Ready For Love Meetup

It’s a proactive community of happy, single ladies who support each other and live their life to the full while patiently waiting for the right man. It’s much more fun if you share the journey to true love with likeminded ladies!
It’s a place where we share our stories, connect with other ladies, get inspired and empowered, grow personally and make friends so life as a single is more fun.
Being single is a time of transformation and preparation for the best relationship of your life. Start your work now in a fun, inspiring and empowering community!

Refund Policy
Tickets are non-refundable, but if you give me at least 48 hours’ notice your ticket can be transferred to the next meeting. No credits will be made in the two days leading up to the event.