I believe every client of mine needs personalized attention and guidance. Depending on where you are at the moment, what you struggle with and what your current needs are, we can choose the most appropriate way of working together.

To determine which programme is most suitable for you, I would like you to take the quiz and get a free session with me so I can find out where you are at with your life and what your burning love issues are so I can make my recommendations and help you in the best possible way.

I offer two coaching programmes at the moment and half day intensives. You can also check my workshops here.

6 x 45 min weekly sessions + my email support

This is for you if you need to boost your self-esteem and fall in love with yourself. It is about raising your standards and becoming an irresistible woman who easily attracts quality men. We will help you recognise your worth, appreciate yourself and realise that you deserve the best. We will work on your self-limiting beliefs which keep you stuck in being single. We will make you feel sexier, happier and more confident so you bring lightness and playfulness to your dates and men feel drawn to you. It is all about igniting your inner fire, knowing what you want and unashamedly going for it. You will develop a steel-hard approach to finding love. No compromises! I want you to feel powerful and feel that you can have any man as you are AWESOME and the guy who you choose is a very lucky boy.

12 x 45 min weekly sessions + my email support

This is for you if you are stuck in the past and you need to remove obstacles to new love. It’s about forgiving your exes and moving on with your life. We will initially focus on helping you appreciate your single status and creating a life you love before you find your man. You will become happier and you will create a strong relationship with yourself, which will support you on the way to your new relationship. Once we have tackled these issues, you will be in a better place to attract high quality men and create more fulfilling relationships. It’s all about becoming a woman who values herself, and sorting out all the issues before you meet the one. Work around your worth and self-love is part of the programme too as this will ensure you show up in your dating with confidence and grace.