Self-Love Intensive


Do you want to keep compromising in love and being unhappy?

Do you want to keep losing yourself in relationships?

Do you want to feel insecure, unworthy of love, not good enough so any man can manipulate you?


Do you want to step into your power and learn how to love and value yourself more?

Do you want to have stronger boundaries and have men respect you?

Do you want to know your worth and go for what you deserve in life?


Increasing self-love within is the MOST important step you can take if you want to step into your power, become happy within, create an awesome life and healthy relationships.


This offer is for you if you want to:

  • Love and Value yourself more because this is the first step to feeling loved and valued by men

  • Choose and prioritise yourself so you feel awesome from the inside out and create an awesome life

  • Feel more secure within, more than good enough and proud about being you

  • Have strong and healthy boundaries in life so you go confidently for what you deserve and say ‘no’ assertively to things which don’t serve you anymore

  • Create an amazing relationship with yourself so you can build happy and healthy relationships with others – including the one with your dream man!

  • Know your worth and believe in yourself


Why have I created this offer?

Well, I know what it’s like to feel not good enough and not believing in yourself. I know what it’s like to keep losing yourself in relationships and getting hurt in love. It might not be well known but I actually felt like that for many years.

Because I didn’t love and value myself I kept getting involved with the wrong guys. I didn’t feel good enough and worthy of finding an awesome man. I kept compromising a lot in love just so I wasn’t single and lonely. I kept losing myself in every single relationship. And the worst part was I was allowing it because I didn’t love myself enough.

But I woke up one day. And I did the work around self-love and so many things changed.

I started to love and value myself.

I started to believe in me.

My relationship with myself changed.

I changed my career.

I met the love of my life.

I moved out of London and ended up living at the seaside.

I became a mum.

And I believe it has all happened because I learned how to love and value myself. I started to feel worthy of all the things I wanted in my life.

You see, just like you, I had to work out how to love and value myself so that I could find the courage and confidence to make it all happen in my life.

And now, I know what my value is and I am a happy woman who loves herself. Because of that, I’m in a happy relationship with an awesome guy who is also an amazing dad to our 20-month-old son.

If you told me about 5 years ago that I would be able to be in a healthy relationship and become a mum I would laugh into your face. I didn’t believe I could find a decent man and have what I really wanted – a family.

But with a little bit of work, I did it!

And you can DO IT TOO!


90 min Self-Love Intensive


You just need someone to help you do the work, and learn to love and value yourself more so you can start:

  • Trusting yourself and your romantic choices

  • Appreciating and honouring yourself more

  • Feeling more self-empowered and grounded

  • Feeling more confident and secure

  • Walking away from people and situations which don’t serve you

  • Attracting High-Quality men and being respected by men



The Intensive is a 90 minute 1 to 1 session that will include:

  1. Pre-session Self-Love Assessment. So you know what to focus on.

  2. Your Self-Love definition. So you know what self-love means to you and how to give it yourself.

  3. Stepping Into Self-Love Exercise.

  4. Learning practical self-love exercises which you can use. straight away.

  5. Get answers to all your questions about self-love.

  6. Receive a full recording of the session so you can keep applying it



When you sign up for the Self-Love Intensive by midnight on Wednesday, I’m including a super special fast action, never released before, audio bonus – “5 reasons why you need to love yourself more”.

This audio will help you understand why self-love is so powerful, how self-love can hugely transform your life, (including your love life!) and how to practice self-love.

90 min Self-Love Intensive


Just think how AWESOME it’ll be when:

  • You know your Value and You Believe in yourself.

  • You enjoy your own company more and stop being desperate for relationships.

  • You stop looking for approval and feel secure and confident within.

  • You feel happier and more attractive to the right guys.

  • You have stronger boundaries so nobody can hurt you unless you let them.

  • You speak your mind and don’t need to edit yourself.

  • You find the courage to go for what you want in life.


This Intensive is your golden ticket to learning how to value, respect and love yourself more so you can change your life.


The best part of it is that the cost of it is only a little fraction of my one to one coaching.

I made it affordable because I am serious about helping you love yourself. Because I know what a game changer it can be in your life. It has definitely been in mine!


Are you in?

90 min Self-Love Intensive