No relationship is a waste of time!

Some of the relationships can be complex and painful. Some can probably hurt you more than make you happy. Sometimes you can go through a very difficult love affair which can leave you scarred for a long time. They might make you feel bitter and lose faith in love and this feels disheartening.

No matter how painful your relationships have been, how much you have got hurt and how pathetic some of your ex-boyfriends have been, you have got one big gift out of all your relationships. You got CLARITY.

As much as the journey has hurt, you are a new person now. You know new things about yourself now. You know what you want and don’t want in your next relationship. Most of all you now know what you want from your next man. This knowledge is priceless because it will help you choose your future partner more carefully.

In the past you chose your partners based on your knowledge at that time. Hung heart www.freeimages.comThe relationships you have been through gave you a chance to get all the lessons you needed to expand your knowledge and grow as a person. Now your awareness is greater and you can make different romantic choices.

When I look back at my relationships I really didn’t have a clue what I needed from my partners at the time. What I knew was that I didn’t want to be lonely and single (not a good enough reason to build a relationship!). I didn’t make wise choices and often ended up with men who were not willing to invest their time in our relationship. They were not ready to take responsibility, not ready to commit and not ready to take our relationship forward. I attracted boys rather than men.

It was absolutely not my exes’ fault that they didn’t want a fully committed relationship. Everyone is free to want what they want. I made those choices and I stuck to men who did not want what I wanted. My lack of clarity attracted those men into my life. Without understanding what I wanted I kept getting the same men.

As time went by I got more experience and more lessons. They all, one by one, kept helping me get more clarity. I noticed what worked for me, recognised my non-negotiables, identified the qualities I liked and disliked. They all helped me create a vision of my ideal man and relationship. I see every single ex of mine as a teacher. Thanks to all of them I have found myself, know what I want and what I am not willing to compromise on.

Thanks to all the lessons I have blossomed into a woman who was able to attract a beautiful man and create a loving, lasting and committed relationship.

No relationship is a waste of time!

The wrong ones teach you the lessons you need to go through in order to prepare yourself for your Mr Right.

What clarity have your exes given you? If you know, you should be:
• Clear on what you want and what you deserve
• Able to set firm boundaries
• Aiming higher in your dating game
• Able to see who YOU want to be in your next relationship

All the clarity you are going to gain will make you feel empowered and give you the direction. So forgive those ex-boyfriends. Every ex-partner of yours has contributed to meeting your dream man! Be thankful and release the grudges. Bless your exes!



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