How to get ready for LOVE – Part 1

Many years ago when I was young and immature emotionally I believed romance and love was enough to create a lasting and loving relationship.

How wrong was I! These days I don’t believe romance and love was the main ingredient of happy relationships. It takes much more than just one powerful emotion to keep a relationship going, nurture it and grow it.

Through my 7 year long journey as a single person I had discovered that many things can be done prior to meeting your dream guy. And if you do the homework it will be easier to attract him and keep him later. So focus your efforts on removing obstacles to love while you are being single.

1. Leave your past in the past.

By doing so you are opening up for your next relationship. Your past belongs to the past. You will do your love life a huge favour if you leave the previous chapters behind you. You don’t want to take all the baggage with you and sabotage your next relationship because something happened in the past. Just take the lessons with you! Forgive your exes, no matter how much they have hurt you. They have contributed to your development as a human and now, thanks to them you are more aware and ready for a better man.

2. Become ok with being single.

Embracing life as a single is a crucial step in becoming ready for a relationship. When you become a happy single person the desperation for a romantic relationship disappears. You are then in a much better place to attract someone emotionally healthy and happy himself. You want to find yourself in the place where you want a relationship, but you don’t need one.

Being single is being in a relationship with yourself. This is the most natural relationship of all but we have been conditioned that we need someone to connect with, to be happyand fulfilled. If there is no man in your life, you connect with yourself. Nothing will give you more comfort than finding this secure place within you. Make the most out of your life while you are single. There are so many blessings in your life as a single person and it is time to start to count your blessings.

3. Become happy before you meet the one.

Being happy is probably the sexiest quality. Men feel drawn to your inner light, your smile, your enthusiasm and playfulness. Nobody wants to meet miserable people. It is all down to how happy you are with yourself and taking charge of your personal happiness. Nobody can take responsibility for your happiness, but yourself. I am talking about your ability to make yourself happy whether you are being single or married. If you can’t be happy now, what makes you believe that you will be happy when you have the guy?

4. Remove all the crap you have accumulated in your head.

Clear your head of all the unhealthy beliefs, unhelpful concepts and expectations; paralysing fears and anything that mentally stops you from opening your heart to love. All the self-limiting beliefs and fears are the very reason of you still being single. When you start removing them one by one you will create more space to be filled with love. In no time someone will happily fill this space, but first you need to create it. And there is no better time to do that than while being single.

You almost need to move yourself 20-30 years back (depending how old you are :-)) and feel like you did when you were a teenager, so open for the possibility of falling in love, so full of faith and so full of love. There was no mental story then because you hadn’t been hurt and knocked down in love as many times yet. So the trick now is to remove the story that men are bad, love doesn’t work, love hurts or any other crap which doesn’t serve you.

5. Become who you are looking for.

A very important part of becoming ready is developing the qualities you are looking for in your ideal partner. To be ready to meet him you need to resonate with him and match his energy. In other words, if you are looking for a happy man you need to become happy yourself. If you want a man who is into travelling, open-minded, financially stable, passionate, loving, strong, you need to cultivate these very qualities in yourself. Use the time while being single to work on yourself as this is the only thing you can control.

In my next blog, How to get ready for LOVE – Part 2, I am giving you more ideas on how you can get ready for your amazing relationship.

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