Find Your Bliss Before You Find Your Man

5 Day Complimentary Challenge


For Smart Single Women who are done with chasing love, dating jerks, waiting for The One and want to squeeze more juice out of life NOW!

And by doing so you will become a high-vibe woman high-quality guys can’t resist!


8TH – 12TH JULY 2019



Hey Gorgeous,

I know that modern dating can be a minefield.

Dating all the possible losers who want to just have fun and avoid commitment like the plague, can leave you feeling jaded and frustrated.

It’s easy to lose your faith in love and throw in the towel.

Especially if one of your deepest desires is to meet a commitment-ready guy who gets you, can’t get enough of you and loves you for who you are. The guy who wants to spoil you rotten and spend the rest of his life with you.

Before you give up all your hope, I want to show you a different path.

How about you start to attract your happy and lasting relationship from actually committing to living a happy life NOW?

There is nothing (I’ll repeat it…NOTHING!) more attractive than a woman who lives on purpose, has fire in her belly and loves her life (and herself!) fiercely.

Your future man doesn’t want you to sit around and wait for him.

He wants you to thrive. He wants you to live your life to the full. He wants you to be a happy woman!

It’s time to stop postponing your happiness until you are in a relationship again.

It’s time to stop waiting and start living, Beautiful!

You have done enough waiting.

You have done enough hoping.

You have done enough chasing.

And it hasn’t helped you find the love of your life.

Let me show you how to inject your life with more happiness, confidence and zest for life so you become magnetic from the inside out!


During these 5 days you’ll learn how to:

• Re-define the way you look at being single and rock your life NOW whilst you’re attracting your man

• Feel happier and free of desperation which makes you 100 times more attractive than all these needy women out there!

• Fall in love with yourself and your life so you can raise your standards in dating

• Have more fun and pleasure in your life, so you stop relying on a man to make you feel happy and complete

• Feel fabulous on the inside and more attractive on the outside


What we are going to cover:


DAY 1 – Thrive As A Single

  • You’ll discover 3 new perspectives to release the stigma and shame of being single, so you stop feeling like there is something wrong with you
  • You’ll learn a game-changing mindset shift that will help you start enjoying your life as a single more from today
  • You’ll explore 3 juicy benefits of being single, so you can avoid feeling sorry for yourself and become proud of your single status

DAY 2 – Find Your Centre

  • Learn the importance of having a strong relationship with yourself and how it determines the quality of your romantic relationship
  • You’ll be shown 3 ways to deepen the relationship with yourself, so you can begin to feel secure within and complete without a man
  • You’ll discover 1 powerful tool to center yourself, so you have a stronger sense of self and never lose yourself in a relationship again

DAY 3 – Find Your Happy

  • Discover 2 types of happiness and why you need to take responsibility for your own happiness, so you stop waiting around for The ONE to make you happy
  • You’ll learn 3 reasons why being happy is so important if you want to attract a lasting and happy relationship
  • You’ll explore ways to increase your happiness and automatically become more attractive to high-quality guys

DAY 4 – Fall In Love With Yourself

  • You’ll learn what self-love is and how it is different from self-care
  • Commit to 3 ways of nourishing yourself, so you start feeling happier about yourself, more confident and freer to be you
  • You’ll learn how to love and value yourself, so you don’t settle for breadcrumbs and dare to go for what you truly deserve and desire in love

DAY 5 – Step Into Your Power + live Q&A 

  • Understand 3 qualities of a high-value woman who naturally attracts commitment-ready guys who value you for who you are
  • You’ll be guided through a transformational meditation to help you step into the most powerful version of yourself
  • You’ll be shown the exact steps on how to become the high-value woman you already are within
  • As this is going to be a live session you’ll be able to bring any questions with you


Becoming happy is your first step towards attracting an emotionally available man and creating a happy, lasting relationship.

You don’t need a man to be happy. You need to become happy to attract him though.

When you are happy you are irresistible. When you are happy you are powerful.

When you are happy you attract the same. Nobody wants to date miserable people.

But everyone feels drawn to a happy and radiant woman.

Become that woman TODAY!

What My Clients Say!

  • I’d been dating on and off for about a year when I joined Aska’s ‘Romancing Yourself’ challenge; if you can’t love yourself first… how are you going to be able to really love someone else? It was a warm and welcoming group, with questions and exercises that really made me think. The initial ‘Letting Go’ exercise was profound for me. Clearly, it shifted something in my energy…. the day after the course finished I had a first date with the most amazing man who is everything that I have been looking for, and we’re blissfully happy together. Aska is just so good at asking the right questions and creating a supportive community of women journeying to self-love. Aska, you are awesome and you have worked your magic! Thank you!


    The programme was very helpful for me. It gave me a new direction to follow. As a result of the inner work I’ve done on this programme, along with some other tools I use, I can feel myself changed. I don’t even know how it’s happened but I feel different. I feel more balanced. Most of the time I feel happy for no apparent reason. I feel at peace with my single life but it’s about time something good happens to me in love.


    You have no idea how much you have helped me. I had an unreal breakthrough at work and with life. I am so amazed at how much I have changed in so little time. Life is crazy these days but I haven’t been happier. I haven’t been so much at peace with myself and it is wonderful.
    I am so glad I ran across you and joined in on all of your work. You are doing wonders for us ladies. I only hope more women will get to know you and your work so they can learn to love themselves and appreciate every fibre of them.
    It’s all truth. I could have done things by myself, but if I had not had the course I really wouldn’t be where I am right now.


    read more ♥


This challenge is a free experience.

To help you make the most of this opportunity and encourage you to do the work, all the replays will be only available for 24 hours after the last session – till Saturday 13th July at 8 PM GMT.

This will give you enough time to catch up on the sessions, even if you cannot make some of them live.

Show up in this challenge for yourself.


We are starting on Monday 8th July.