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    What to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day! Whether you are a happy single or a miserable singleton, Valentine’s Day will stir some emotions in you. For many being single on Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s hard to escape it as it is so heavily commercialised and in your face. Pink flowers, red hearts, yummy […]

  • Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg

    How giving up on love transformed my love life! I used to be a long-term miserable singleton who desperately wanted to be in a relationship. I was single for 7 years, the first 4 of those I spent daydreaming about relationships and focusing on finding my man. My thoughts revolved around what type of man […]

  • Phentermine Buy Australia

    A powerful mind shift that will draw love into your life! Through my years of being single and not entirely happy about it, I explored the subject of attracting love in detail. When you feel lonely, unloved, insecure about yourself you will want to try different ways of manifesting your relationship. So for many years […]

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    Are you there for yourself? It is interesting that when life gets hard and a bit bumpy, we so often turn away from ourselves and we don’t know how to be present for ourselves. Think for a moment what happens to you when you fail at something, when you don’t get something right, when your […]