A powerful mind shift that will draw love into your life!

Through my years of being single and not entirely happy about it, I explored the subject of attracting love in detail. When you feel lonely, unloved, insecure about yourself you will want to try different ways of manifesting your relationship.

So for many years I kept trying to date, trying different websites, different types of man, different courses, teachers, books, and philosophies. I was having fun but I was getting nowhere with my search and more frustrated with my love life.

There is so much advice out there which tells you how to attract love, what to do to get men’s attention, how to become a better catch, how to look more sexy, how to flirt, where to go to find the right men, what to say to keep him curious, how to be mysterious…etc. Most of these things didn’t agree with me but I tried them anyway as I believed I didn’t know how to attract a man.

There was always an internal conflict in me. Why do I need to do all of these things to attract him? Why do I need to change myself to attract love? I have always believed in authenticity, so I never wanted to change myself into someone else just to attract a man. I wanted to be loved for who I was. But the problem was that I didn’t love myself enough. I believed I was lacking things, I didn’t have much to offer, I wasn’t a catch.

Even though I did try many techniques and approaches during my dating I still felt inadequate with some of my dates. I realised that in order to feel more confident I needed to do some work on myself. I didn’t want to change myself on the outside but I needed to change myself from the inside to feel more secure with myself.

The powerful shift happened when I started asking myself: Who do I need to be to feel secure in my dream relationship?

The energy of this question carried me for the next few years and helped me become the woman I am today. A woman who loves herself (with an occasional relapse!), knows her value, is fun and reasonably confident, is happy with herself and the way her life is unfolding. Most of all, a woman who doesn’t need constant approval and love from the outside. It feels liberating after all those years of chasing men who would give me love and validation.
When I started to focus on becoming my dream man’s dream woman I naturally wanted to change things in me for myself.

My main objective was to feel better with myself and with my life, not to attract my dream man. I started to experiment with different clothes and make up to see what made me feel good. I started to exercise. I found my purpose and created my company. I started to make more money and created my own financial security. I started to travel more. I started to have more fun and became happier. I started to love myself more because I figured when I love myself, I am stronger, more resilient and life is more fun.

loveAll the changes I made in my life resulted in me feeling happier and more relaxed about finding the one. I stopped chasing relationships. I went out on dates to have fun not to find a husband. I started to enjoy and appreciate my life as a single more. I stopped being afraid of dying alone or not falling in love again, because I was in love with my life just the way it was.

Not long after I had reached my bliss as a single and became genuinely happy with my life, my dream man had found me and now he adds to my happiness. We are compatible, we share similar values, dreams and we love each other for who we are.

I am sure he wouldn’t have been attracted to me when I was miserable, full of insecurities and unhappy about being single. I became his dream woman while I was single by learning to love who I was.

If you have tried different things to find love and nothing has worked for you, try to ask yourself this question daily: who do I need to be to feel secure in my dream relationship? Let this question penetrate your mind and take you on a journey to becoming a woman you have always wanted to be for your man.

This question will support you in creating a more exciting life, becoming happier and feeling more confident. When you get there a man of your dreams will find a way to you. When he does you will be ready for him and ready for true love.

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